4 Essential Festival Recovery Tips

Imagine this: It’s the Monday after Castlepalooza (or All Together Now, or The Beat Yard or whatever festival you happen...

Imagine this: It’s the Monday after Castlepalooza (or All Together Now, or The Beat Yard or whatever festival you happen to be attending this weekend...)

You’ve arrived home after a long weekend of music,  partying and roughly 2 hours sleep. Even if you have booked work off the next day, you’ll more than likely have to trudge through the office doors at some stage during the week. And because we’ve been through this before we’ve put together a quick guide to the four things you need to do to get yourself right!

Drink Water, Eat Food

Resist the temptation to order something that contains 90% grease washed down with a gallon of cider.

1) Keep a water bottle handy and refill it from the tap regularly.

2) Cook one healthy meal and bring it with you in a lunchbox. Have this on Saturday late afternoon (midpoint) and you’ll likely survive the weekend. Fish or chicken (or tofu if you’re vegan) and a fair share of leafy green vegetables should do the trick. Bananas are also good (and give you energy).

We know this sounds like a lot of effort but trust us you will be thanking us later on in the week.

Leave Early & Rest

Get home EARLY on Monday. If you can at all, get the first train or lift home you can at the crack of dawn. Monday morning at a campsite can be grim anyway! Get back to the gaff, get into bed, put on the eye mask and sleep until the afternoon.

Catching up on some shut-eye is key after a festival. You need to rest and recuperate so you hit the week as fresh as possible. The last thing you want to do is face your boss and co-workers with a huge hangover from the weekend. Especially after you told them you were going to be taking it easy….

Exercise on Monday evening

We know what you’re thinking. You've spent the weekend out and about in the elements. The temptation is to sit inside a dark room, cut off safely from the horrors of the outside world.  Even though we do recommend catching up on some sleep, it's a great idea to get out of the house and get some exercise in. This could be something as simple as a walk in the park or a kick about with your mates or if you are feeling adventurous a good heavy session in the gym! Whatever it may be, get out and cleanse yourself of the some of the toxins in your body!

Use Sproose!

Finally, before you can get down to a proper recovery let us take care of the things you were most dreading: laundry. Our fantastic partner provider Best Launder is doing pickups all day Monday. Have your dirty festival gear collected, cleaned and returned by Wednesday. Book now, before you forget!

Enjoy the weekend!